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Furniture Design

Even with an extremely wide choice of furniture, you sometimes simply cannot find what you imagine. Also, available space as well as special functions or forms can induce you to have your piece of furniture custom-made.

It is our pleasure to design your individual piece, considering your very personal ideas. We will obtain quotations regarding production, select the proper wood directly with the suppliers and supervise manufacturing all the way to the finished product.

We co-operate with Swiss manufacturers who are masters of their trade, producing your piece with extraordinary care and precision.

Please contact us via our contact form or email if you are looking for an individual piece of furniture or any intelligent solution for your interior living needs.

These are a few examples of projects so far:



Bookcase „MOOVIE“


Project/Design: Charlotte Bollag, IDS Living GmbH 
Producer: Berz Joiners
Year of Production: 2011
Wood: Chipboard
Finish: White veneer
Purpose: Bookcase with extra compartment for DVD collection
Solution: Shelves at varying levels for various book sizes and more appealing partitioning; continuously movable, plain board without handle-shell, behind which the DVD collection is located
Table „RAMUS“


Project/Design: Charlotte Bollag, IDS Living GmbH 
Producer: Holzwerkstatt Oase GmbH
Year of Production: 2012
Wood: American Walnut
Finish: waxed
Purpose: Filigree, exceptional dining table with natural forms, for eight persons, solid wood, but not too heavy
Solution: Naturally bent table-legs, reminiscent of tree branches (RAMUS = Latin for branch), thin tabletop with integrated honeycomb structure for lower weight; natural-look wood
Kitchen Sideboard „CHOPPI“


Project/Design: Charlotte Bollag, IDS Living GmbH 
Producer: Becca Joiners
Year of Production: 2014
Wood: Oak
Finish: Semi-matt, natural varnish
Purpose: Extended kitchen worktop, free-standing, contrasting modern kitchen
Solution: Massive sideboard at the worktop level and -depth of existing kitchen, oak matching floor adjoining kitchen, modern French country-house style with lower storage board